'Did God Really say?' - conference

Come join us at this FREE online Conference with our four guest speakers over two days.

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Why have the ‘Did God really say?’ conference

Christians are commanded to be in the world but not of it. This has always been the case. But the comfortable western world around us is rapidly changing and in unprecedented ways. No-one seems prepared for the enormity of the cultural shifts or capable of stemming the tide.

Western culture is rapidly turning on Biblical Christianity. Cancel culture is becoming the norm. Wokeness is the new self-righteousness of the pharisees in Jesus’ time on earth.

Postmodern language is even changing the public, popular definition of words we use. Reality is now interpreted by our feelings and facts are seen as bigoted and biased. Our workplaces, family and friends may be at the forefront of pushing the battle to us. Freedom of speech is being eroded and causing many Christians to watch their words when a bold proclamation of the Gospel is called for.

But how do you fight what is hard to see?

Why come - What’s in it for me?

This FREE online conference will equip you and your loved ones with the knowledge to see where cultural changes are happening, what those changes mean to average Bible believing Christians and provide you with practical tools to equip you to stand your ground in shifting sands of cultural change.

Who - The Speakers:

The ‘Did God really say?' conference draws together four of the most reliable, outspoken and Biblically literate pastors, apologists and speakers proclaiming the truth of the Gospel today.

  • Speaker1: Pastor Chris Rosebrough
  • Speaker2: Dr Phil Johnson
  • Speaker3: Justin Peters
  • Speaker4: Joshua Rosebrough
  • Speaker5: Dr Owen Strachan

When - Dates & times:

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September.

  • Friday 1pm - 5pm
  • Saturday 11am - 4pm
  • Saturday concludes with speaker Q&A and forum from 3pm

Speaker schedule:

Day 1

Friday 17 September. 1pm - 5pm (1300-1700hrs) Central USA time.

Start Speakers Topic
1pm Dr Phil Johnson How the Religion of Wokeism Perverts Justice
2pm Justin Peters The Calamitous Cars on the Social Justice Train
3pm Joshua Rosebrough How the Social Justice Warrior/Woke People of Today are no different than the Pharisees of Jesus’ Time
4pm Dr Owen Strachan A Trojan Force: Why Young Evangelicals Must Not Embrace Leftist Politics
  • In part 1 of Justin Peter’s session he will be examining “Economics, Race and Egalitarianism”

Day 2

Friday 18 September. 11am - 4pm (1100-1600hrs) Central USA time.

Start Speakers Topic
11am Chris Rosebrough How Social Justice is not Real Justice and is a clear breaking of the 8th Commandment
12 noon Dr Phil Johnson How the Gospel turns Divine Justice in Our Favour
1pm Dr Owen Strachan Dust Off Your Boots: What to Do When Your Church Goes Woke
2pm Justin Peters The Calamitous Cars on the Social Justice Train - Part2
  • In part 2 of Justin Peter’s session he will be examining “Homosexuality, Biblical Unity and Entitlement in the light of the gospel”

Where and How?

Live on YouTube. Subscribe to the YouTube channel (link below) and watch the 2021 conference for FREE. Share it with your friends and family.


You can help make this happen. Support the conference and keep it FREE by making a donation through Go Fund Me (see link below) and keep it free for all to attend.

Go Fund Me

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Partnership planning:

Pirate Christian Media

No Apologies

The ‘Did God Really Say?’ conference is the brainchild of a partnership between No! Apologies in Australia and Pirate Christian Media/Fighting For The Faith in America.

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