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At our events we explore relevant and tough questions that Christian’s need to be equipped to respond to. We aim to distil the data down to the level of every day life so as to make it both easy to understand and also easy to apply. Our ultimate aim is always how does this information help me in my efforts to share the good news of Jesus.

Here are some of the previous sessions we have done. Recordings of these are available on our Youtube channel.

  • The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Fact or Fiction
  • Truth, Fixed or Flexible. Is truth relative or absolute and what does the Bible have to say about it.
  • Understanding Christianity and Islam, exploring the subject from a historical and Biblical perspective.
  • Will the Real Jesus please stand up. How to share the true gospel with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Equiping you for the tough questions

Do you ever get challenged about your faith and sense you don’t have all the answers? Would you love to share your faith more with confidence? Many shy away because it’s just too hard. Join one of our events, where we will show you some bullet proof methods.

tough questions

You don’t have to check out your brain, when you become a Christian!

At times it can feel like you are in the lions den

Rest assured, we have all been there. Defending your faith in the public square can be tough and challenging at times. Many believers sadly shy away from this position, or worse yet walk away from their Christian belief system. We firmly recognise the difficulties believers face and we aim to both build confidence and also equip you as the believer with the right answers and also some good tools and methods for success.

lions den

Remember it is not a battle but an opportunity to be an ambassador for Christ.


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Meet Our Team


The three amigos (Phil, Harvey and Steve)

Each of us have been Christian believers for many years. Our educational backgrounds range from medical and computer science to theology, philosophy, apologetics and education.

In addition to our academic backgrounds, we have each been active in Christian missions and pastoral work and understand the dynamics of defending the faith in the public market place of ideas. Cultural and societal beliefs systems are ever changing and Christians need to be equipped to navigate and give rational and well reasoned responses to objections to the Christian faith. We don’t shy away from any of the tough questions and we aim to provide a no-judgement zone at our events where no question or objection is rejected.