YouTube Interviews

Dr Gary Habermas

  • Jesus did rise from the dead - with Dr Gary Habermas

Christianity is built on the central facts of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. Dr Gary Habermas, notably interviewed for the book “The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel, is a world leading researcher into the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even agnostic researchers now know that there was a core Christian creed in existence before the earliest New Testament documents. It outlines all the core parts of the Gospels and dispels the idea that the teachings about Jesus' divinity were made up by Christians later.

Greg Koukl (Stand To Reason)

  • Greg Koukl - Tactics for critical conversations - using reason, finding truth with Stand To Reason (STR)

Conversations are funny things. But you can learn the tactics to have excellent and skilful conversations. The No Apologies lads talk with Greg Koukl of Stand To Reason and learn about the art of crafting excellent conversations.

  • Q. How do you confidently express your ideas while respectfully listening to other points of view?
  • Q. How do you not lose your footing and stand your ground?

Gary DeMar (American Vision)

  • Gary DeMar - Defending the faith and a view of the End Times

Interview with Gary DeMar, an experienced and influential Christian apologist from the USA. Gary is an American writer, lecturer and former president of American Vision, an American Christian nonprofit organization. DeMar states in an article on the American Vision web site, “Darwinism has secularized everything in America, including our understanding of the Constitution”. American Vision promotes the idea “that the world is not ending tomorrow and that Christ’s Kingdom will be victorious on the earth”. Questions and comments during the live stream are most welcome.

Chris Dates (Rethinking Hell)

  • Chris Date – What the hell?

Life after death. Is there a heaven? - and what about hell? Biblical Christianity tells us that Jesus saves from hell. But what actually is hell? - who goes there? - why do they go there - and how long are they there? The Bible provides a lot of interesting answers. Hell is definitely real and it’s really not nice, but there are more biblical perspectives than most of us think. Chris presents a biblical Christian perspective on hell that will challenge your thinking - and will cause you to have even more awe and wonder for the saving grace of Jesus.

Steve Kozar (Messed up Church)

  • Steve Kozar - American Gospel in a post-Trump world

Interview with Steve Kozar, an experienced and influential Christian apologist from the USA who also runs a ministry of discernment, examining popular teaching and weighing them up against a Biblical standard. Steve is an excellent American ‘hyper-realist’ artist. Kozar works with many apologists and other discernment ministries, of note Chris appears frequently with Ps. Chris Roseborough of Pirate Christian Radio’s Fighting For The Faith program.

Mark Harwood (Creation Ministries)

  • Dr Mark Harwood of Creation Ministries ( - QUESTIONS ANSWERED! Evolution’s top challenges to Biblical Christianity

Interview with Dr Mark Harwood of joins us in The Lions Den series of interviews. Topics covered are:

  1. What evidence supports the existence of God?​
  2. Can we trust the writings of old Jewish shepherds 2000 years ago against the pronouncements of modern science?​
  3. The age of the earth – how could so many scientists be so wrong?​
  4. Why does the creation account in Genesis matter for Christians sharing the gospel?​
  5. What about all the evidence proving evolution?​

Eli Ayala (Revealed Apologetics)

  • Why some people won’t believe the Bible! - interview with Eli Ayala

Is it possible some people don’t believe because the just won’t believe? Do you need evidence if no matter how much evidence you give people it simply doesn’t matter? How do you explain and defend the Gospel to closed minds and hard hearts? What do people need to hear? What if they are so stubborn that they just won’t believe the Gospel no matter what you do? Apologist, Eli Ayala discusses the presuppositional approach. You may, or may not, agree, but you will have your thinking challenged.

Professor Daniel Reynaud

  • Interview with Prof. Daniel Reynaud - God in wartime: Soldiers’ diaries reveal God was in the trenches too.

Personal diaries of WWI & WWII soldiers reveals that many soldiers had close relationships with God in wartime. This is contrary to the current media representation of hard-living, secular Aussies and Kiwis out for a shoot up and a good time overseas. Dr Daniel Reynaud has been studying ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) diaries for many years. He shares how modern westerners can learn so much about the nature of man and God from those who ‘paid the greatest price for our freedom’.